Treeleaf is a disseminating Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

We see a world where technology enhances human potential and takes us into a new era of intelligence and progress. We are focused on driving advancements, discovering technology solutions and enacting path to AI.

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What makes us different?

We stay on the cutting edge of the latest and most effective trends in technology. For us, we simply believe in excellence in all that we do. We make success happen by propelling businesses into the intelligence revolution with the latest technology.

Our Products

We have developed unique technologies over time.

Treeleaf, a provider of complete, open and integrated software products. We can guarantee our customers that our software products are highly reliable and secured that a corporate can conveniently lean on.


It is a sentiment analysis tool that classifies a piece of text as positive, negative or neutral.


VIXX is a product for detecting and tracking vehicles in surveillance video.